The Original Diamond Hallmark™

Integrity and heritage assured™

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Our Promise

Every CanadaMark diamond carries a promise of purity, responsibility and authenticity.

The CanadaMark hallmark is owned by Dominion Diamond Mines, Canada’s largest independent diamond mining company. We put our mark on each diamond to give you confidence in its origin and history.

All CanadaMark certified diamonds are:

  • Responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories, with respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and northern people
  • Tracked through independent, audited processes at every stage from the mine of origin to the polished stone
  • Natural and untreated
  • Polished to meet specific quality standards
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The Journey

Canada’s Northwest Territories is a land of pristine lakes, untamed wilderness and awe-inspiring beauty, located just below the Arctic Circle. Wildlife roams freely, and the traditions of the Aboriginal people who make up over half the population remain a vibrant part of local culture.

It’s here that CanadaMark diamonds lay hidden. Pure, beautiful diamonds formed deep in the earth’s mantle more than a billion years ago. It’s here where the journey from rough crystal to polished gem begins.

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CanadaMark diamonds are among the most responsibly sourced diamonds in the world, mined and processed in ways that benefit local communities and maintain a high standard of environmental stewardship.

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Natural Brilliance

Miracles of nature, formed more than a billion years ago under the rugged Arctic tundra, CanadaMark diamonds reflect the uncompromising beauty of their environment.

When you see the CanadaMark logo inscribed on a diamond, you can be sure that it is completely natural, and free of treatments that are sometimes used to "improve" a diamond. CanadaMark certified diamonds are never treated by lasers to lighten dark inclusions, fracture-filled to mask inclusions, or subjected to high pressure and high temperature treatments to change the colour.

The CanadaMark logo is also an assurance of quality. Regardless of size, every CanadaMark certified diamond must also meet specific standards for colour, clarity, finish and symmetry.

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Verify My Diamond

Verify the authenticity of your CanadaMark™ certified diamond by entering the serial number and polished diamond weight shown on your CanadaMark™ diamond certificate card in the spaces.

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Where to Buy

CanadaMark diamonds are available at jewelry stores and retailers worldwide. Enter your city to find a store near you. If you can't find a store nearby, ask your local jeweler to source a CanadaMark diamond for you.

All diamonds smaller than 0.20cts are not CanadaMark diamonds.