What Is CanadaMark?

It’s been an incredible evolution. Since 1991, when diamonds were discovered at Lac de Gras, Northwest Territories, Canada has gone from having no diamond industry, to being the world’s third-largest producer of diamonds by value. Found in a landscape that is both incredibly challenging and incredibly beautiful, Canadian diamonds are renowned for their superior clarity, and that includes the clarity of their history.

Every CanadaMark diamond is of Canadian origin, and is individually tracked and guaranteed to be natural and untreated. Being certain of a diamond’s provenance and knowing that it meets Dominion Diamond’s strict standards for quality and cut means peace of mind for all customers.

Guarantee of Origin

Every CanadaMark diamond is carefully tracked, starting at the mine site and then, in an unbroken chain, through every stage of cleaning, sorting and polishing. Finished, polished diamonds are given a unique serial number, which is laser engraved on the diamond’s girdle. Each diamond's serial number also goes on its CanadaMark diamond certificate card, and purchasers can confirm a diamond's provenance by entering this number into our verification tool, above.

Natural and Untreated

Only select Canadian rough diamonds are chosen to become CanadaMark diamonds. From the moment it is mined and throughout the finishing process, each CanadaMark diamond is monitored. This independently audited tracking system is what allows Dominion Diamond to confirm that every CanadaMark diamond is completely natural and completely Canadian.

CanadaMark diamonds are never treated by lasers to lighten dark inclusions, fracture-filled to mask inclusions or subjected to high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) in order to “improve” the colour.

Simply stated, CanadaMark diamonds are always perfectly natural.

Standard of Quality

CanadaMark, inscribed on a diamond, is more than a mark of origin; it is an assurance of exceptional quality. Regardless of size, every authorized diamond bearing the CanadaMark, or sold in association with the CanadaMark diamond program, must meet our exacting standard for colour, clarity, symmetry and finish.

About Our Tracking System

CanadaMark is an important symbol, but the real heart of the program is our rigorous, searchable tracking system.

Dominion Diamond records all CanadaMark diamonds in its database. All CanadaMark diamonds are laser inscribed with the CanadaMark logo and a unique serial number, and are always accompanied by a CanadaMark diamond certificate card.

You may use our verification tool, above, to confirm the authenticity of your CanadaMark diamond.

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List updated as of August 2013.